Water Extraction & Dehumidification San Diego

water extraction & dehumidification san diegoIf you have experienced a flood then you will probably need a professional to help you solve the problem. Flooding can come from different sources: the most obvious reason for a flood is heavy rain. However, in sunny San Diego, flooding and water damage is more often due to burst pipes, plugged toilets, overflowing dishwashers or backed-up laundry machines.  If this happens to you then it is important to call us for water extraction and dehumidification San Diego services.

When it comes to flooding and water damage, it is important to work quickly.  The longer the water is left standing, the more damage you will incur.  If you delay, wet carpets may soon become moldy carpets.  Wet floors may start to warp and buckle.  Sofas, curtains, and upholstery may discolor and acquire a bad smell.  Needless to say, you should act sooner rather than later.  Call Star Flood Restoration for prompt water extraction and dehumidification San Diego services.

Process of Water Extraction and Dehumidification

The first step is water extraction.  Powerful pumps and truck-assisted vacuum units are used to remove gallons and gallons of water from your home.  Depending on the level of the flood water, submersible pumps or industrial vacuums may be used.  Water extraction using the correct equipment is effective and can remove most of the flood water.

The next step is drying and dehumidification. Your floors and carpet will look better after water extraction, but there will probably be some water hidden in pockets or absorbed into the flooring. These areas of high moisture and wetness need to be completely dried otherwise they will cause damage to your floors or carpet. Star Flood Restoration can use dehumidification equipment to completely remove any residual water. Fans and heaters may also be used to accelerate evaporation and the process of drying the flooring.

Star Flood Restoration at Your Service

At Star Flood Restoration, we offer thorough water extraction and effective dehumidification San Diego Services. When you have a flood, call us for flood restoration services as soon as possible: (619) 584-3133.