San Diego 24hr Emergency Flood Service

San Diego 24hr Emergency Flood Service
Common issues which cause a flood include:

    • heavy rain
    • damaged roof
    • broken or clogged sewage line
    • burst pipe
    • leaking water heater
    • overflowing toilet, sink, tub
    • broken dishwasher or washing machine

No one wants a flood but sometimes floods happen and they happen at the most unexpected and inconvenient times. This is when you call us for our San Diego 24hr Emergency Flood Services. We will be there as soon as we can to assess the situation, do damage control, and to restore your home to its pre-flood condition.

Upon arrival, the first thing we will do is to shut off the water supply and control the situation. Next, we will inspect the situation to determine what caused the problem. Was it a cracked pipe? Was it a clogged sewage line? Once we figure out what caused the problem, then we can devise a plan on how to repair the problem. At the same time, we will begin the process of cleaning up.

Clean up can be an arduous process but we have dealt with San Diego 24hr Emergency Flood situations for over three decades so we know what to do. We have the equipment and experience to remove flood water and extract moisture. If your flood was due to sewage backup, then extra care must be taken to avoid further contamination. We have the protective gear and safety tools to approach this cleanup with conviction. We will remove water, extract moisture, disinfect, clean and thoroughly dry your home.

Star Flood Restoration at Your Service

Star Flood Restoration has seen many flood scenarios and we have been able to manage them all. We are IICRC Certified. Call us for San Diego 24hr Emergency Flood Services: (619) 584-3133

Why Choose Us for your Water Damage Restoration Needs?

        • More than three decades of experience in restoration
        • Sewer water cleaning
        • Emergency response anytime
        • Stop mold growth by controlling mildew odor
        • Latest technology used for structural drying
        • We can help you with your insurance claim by working with your insurance company.