Sewage Cleanup San Diego


Sewage Cleanup San DiegoIn addition to removing flood water after heavy rains or a broken pipe, Star Flood Restoration also offers sewage cleanup San Diego services. Among the many disasters homeowners face, sewage backup is one of the worst scenarios. Sewage from broken pipes or clogged sewage lines contain organic waste material, germs, and pathogens that are dangerous to your health.

Our sewage cleanup San Diego services include removing the sewage as quickly as possible to contain the problem and minimize exposure. After sewage extraction, the area is decontaminated with thorough cleaning and disinfecting. Moisture detectors are used to find any hidden pockets of moisture. Fans are used to increase airflow and heaters are used facilitate evaporation. We’re not finished until your home is clean, dry, and ready to live in again.

In some cases, porous building materials cannot be completely cleaned. Waste water has seeped into the pores or components may have dissolved or are damaged beyond repair. We will remove and dispose of any contaminated materials which cannot be salvaged. We will evaluate the damages on a case-to-case basis.

Sewage Cleanup is Dangerous Work

Sewage removal is dirty work and you shouldn’t try to do it yourself. Raw sewage may contain E-coli, Hepatitis-A, salmonella, tetanus, round worm, and other infectious agents. Let the sewage cleanup San Diego professionals do the dirty work for you. With 30+ years experience in the industry, we have the equipment, skills, and manpower to clean-up sewage promptly and effectively.

No one comes home expecting a flood or a sewage spill; these things are unexpected and unwanted surprises. When you are presented with such a problem, don’t delay. Please call Star Flood Restoration for professional help. We offer emergency services and are on call when you need us. Contact us for water or sewage damage restoration services: (619) 282-4000.